Bespoke Application Development

Bespoke software is a software application developed specifically to your custom requirements and is particularly used when there is no ‘off the shelf’ alternative available. As the modern world becomes increasingly IT literate.

And we have greater access to the internet and technology, the development of new software is not only available to those that can afford it or have the patience to understand it, but to everyone in any business environment. ZealSoft have been developing high quality bespoke software since their inception. It is still our core business. Our expertise in Open Source Java/JEE programming languages allows us to create reliable bespoke software applications cost effectively and on time. By writing applications custom made to your requirements we can make your businesses more efficient and profitable, allowing you to provide a more effective service to your customers.

Our key differentiation is our senior engineering team, who have years of experience working with large IT projects, our Solution Architects work with you from day one, to ensure that we design to your exciting requirements, our project managers work with you from day one to develop the implementation project, and our experienced and certified engineers deploy it.